Best Wristlet Wallet- Guide and Reviews

Why do you leave your iPhone at home? You don’t have somewhere to put it when traveling? We are always there to help you figure things out. You don’t need to place your Smartphone in your jeans back pocket anymore. We have reviewed for you the best wristlet wallets currently available in the market.

These wallets come with unique features that you won’t find in the older versions of wallets. The removable strap, refined leather, and several slots to place your cards make these wallets to be in another level of excellence. Consider our reviews and make the right choice of purchasing a perfect Smartphone wristlet wallet.

Things To Consider

Before updating your wallet arsenal, there are several things you need to consider. If you are looking for a nice iphone wristlet wallet, take note of the following:

The durability of the wallet

The older versions of the wallet were not 100% leather making them tear easily. Our wristlet wallets have designed with refined leather that gives them a longer lifespan.

Roomy pockets

You need to consider a wallet with big pockets to suit well your iPhone or Smartphone. Our iPhone wristlet wallets come with side pockets that can fit your iPhone series and other Smartphone.

Zipper closure

You should consider a wallet with a zip fastener to safeguard your items. Our Smartphone wristlet wallets have been designed with the best quality zippers are cannot break easily.

Wallets come in a variety of colors since different people have different tastes and preferences. These best wristlets wallets come with a wide range of sparkling colors for you to choose.

Fashion and style

Remember the old wallet quite displeasing model? Our best iPhone wristlet wallets give you a feeling of high-class style. They have been designed with the most appropriate modern fashion that makes them elegant.


Some of us love minimum but high-quality life. These best wristlet wallets give you exactly that. From the exterior, you will get a luxurious but straightforward structure.

Wallets that are easy to carry

Imagine having a wallet that becomes a burden to you since you cannot carry it around. Most of our iPhone wallets have an adjustable strap that makes it easy to carry your wallets in different styles.

Best Wristlet Wallet Reviews

Below is a list of our best Wristlet wallets for both girls and ladies. They have been designed with the top skills of craftsmanship to suit all your needs at once.

#1. Cyan wristlet Wallets

Cyanb Women Wallets Tassel Bifold Ladies Cluth Wristlet Wrist strap Long Purse

Looking for a soft and adorable wallet with multiple pockets that fits your cards and Smartphone? The Cyan wristlet for ladies is a good answer for you. It has several compartments enclosed with a zip fastener for safety. It comes with six card spaces and one pocket to put your cash.

The product comes in different variety of colors that suit your taste and preference. The inner part of the wallet has been designed with high-quality polyester that is moisture-free. It is advisable to keep the wallet away from direct sunlight to prevent the leather from fading.

Important Features:

  • It has been designed with a fashionable texture which many ladies and girls will fall in love with.
  • Amazing space with several slots to put your cards and inner multiple pockets to place your cash for security.
  • Big designed pockets to fit your Smartphone, whether it is your iPhone 8 or iPhone X the super inner pockets can serve you well.
  • Long-lasting leather designed to serve you long.
  • We recommend this wallet to those who love slim and stylish purses. It will serve you well.

#2. Lavemi wristlet Wallet 

Lavemi Women's RFID Blocking Real Leather Zip Around Wallet Clutch Large Travel Purse Wristlet(Large Size Pebbled Champagne Gold)

Do you need a traveler purse with many slots? Lavemi wristlet wallet can be a good option for you. Designed with absolutely actual leather, the wallet can serve you for long without fading. It has a zip fastener to keep your items safe and intact. Due to its practical design, the wallet is easy to walk with around. You can also carry it in your bag comfortably.

Lavemi is a quite big wallet. It has 17 card spaces, 1 ID windowed slot, a space for your office pen and a pocket to put your iPhone. For security reasons, the wallet has highly modified blocking material to secure Radio Frequency Identification chips from unwanted hands.

Importnt Features

  • Has a zip closure to safeguard your items.
  • Plain physical structure making it convenient for you to carry in office and occasions.
  • Medium size in which you can carry around comfortably.
  • Designed with large pockets to put your iPhone 7/8.
  • We suggest you gift this super wallet to your friends and family as a surprise during their birthdays or on any occasion. You will make them proud.

#3. Travelambo Wristlet Wallet

Travelambo Womens Wallet Tassel Bifold Ladies Cluth Wristlet Wrist strap Long Purse (Access Black)

Designed with a wristlet strap, Travelambo is a long wallet with quite amazing characteristics. The wallet has two important features, simplicity and style. It comes with modern fashion to satisfy your need. Made with refined leather, the wallet has a bigger lifespan than the older versions.

It has 12 card spaces, 3 cash slots, and 1 outside pocket to put your iPhone. The pockets are safeguarded by a long zipper to keep all your items intact. This is what makes the wallet to be practical. Travelambo wallet is easy to carry.

Important Features

  • Pure material with even dimensions makes the wallet look highly fashionable. This will make you comfortable.
  • It comes with different variety of colors to suit your taste and preference.
  • With its big pockets, the wallet is designed for your iPhone or Smartphone.
  • Has a zip fastener to keep your items safe and intact.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty. This means in case the wallet doesn’t satisfy your wants by one year, you can take it back and be fully refunded. So why don’t you try it out?

#4. HAWEE wristlet wallet

HAWEE Cellphone Wallet Dual Zipper Wristlet Purse with Credit Card Case/Coin Pouch/Smart Phone Pocket Soft Leather for Women or Lady, Embosing Orchid

Do you need a wallet with a removable wristlet? HAWEE wallet can be a good choice. It is a long purse for women having special features. It is designed with double zippers making the wallet look so luxurious to walk with around. It has a soft lining which is moisture-free. To add, it has a crystalline external shell structure which makes it simple to maintain.

Speaking of space, the wallet comes with 5 card spaces making it ideal to carry your ID and passport. It also has 2 cash pockets and 1 big pocket to put your Smartphone. Not to forget another secretive inner slot to put your private items such as bank receipts.

Important Features

  • Large quality purse with a dual zipper making it ideal for all ladies.
  • Has a removable wristlet which will prevent it from falling. It can also be functional with other types of wristlets.
  • Big pockets to take your iPhone or Smartphone. It is convenient for a 6.1-inch phone like the Samsung S9 and iPhone 8 plus.
  • Offer after purchase services. In case you are not satisfied with the wallet or the zipper has some issues, you can either be refunded or offered some replacement.
  • This wallet will match with any your outfit, and we suggest you purchase it for your girlfriend. She will look angelic matching it with her clothes.

#5. Befen Women Genuine Wallet

Befen Women Genuine Leather Clutch Wallet, Black Smartphone Wristlet Wallet Purses and Handbags

It is designed with a supermodel to give you a touching feeling due to its stylish appearance. It is structured with perfect features to keep your little items organized and intact. Befen wallet has a crystalline waterproof lining and highly crafted leather that is 100% real.

It comes with 6 slots for cards, cash spaces, and quite a big space to carry your Smartphone or iPhone. From the exterior, the wallet has zip fastener to keep your items safe and completely intact. Also, it has a wristlet strap to make your hands free and comfortable while carrying.

Important Features

  • Roomy space to carry cell phones of up to 6.5 inches long. Convenient for iPhone XS, Samsung note 8 and many others.
  • The fashionable but simple appearance which will make you comfortable when carrying.
  • Lightweight meaning it is easy to carry.
  • High-quality leather to suit you for a longer period.
  • We recommend this wallet to people who enjoy unnoticed but a higher level of excellence life. It is simple but very luxurious.

#6. Haye Wristlet Wallet

Kate Spade Hayes Pebbled Leather Leather Wristlet Black

How can you explain a wallet with a gold-tone structure? Heaye Wallet has been designed with a material golden tone that gives it a beautiful appearance. Also, it is among the few wallets equipped with blocking zip to safeguard your Radio Frequency Identification chips in your cards to protect them against unnecessary scans.

It has 8 slots for cards, a close pocket and several spaces for your cash. On top of that, it has a removable strap and a durable metal zip fastener. The wallet is simple to carry. It is pure leather that is designed with a stylish feature to differentiate it from the older versions.

Important Features 

  • Soft pure leather that is easy to clean and that can serve you for a long time.
  • A special strap to wear or carry with hands.
  • Simple but the super appearance that displays a high quality of design.
  • Ideal for iPhone 8/7 due to its sizable spaced pockets.
  • This wallet comes in a variety of colors for you to choose your taste.

#7. Dasein Wristlet Wallet

Dasein Designer Fashion Messenger Crossbody Bag Chain Wallet Cellphone Purse Wallet Bag

Are you allergic to the chemical smell of new things? Do you need to smell free wallet? Dasein Wallet can be a good answer for you. It is made with pure leather that has no smell. It has 12 card spaces, and an external pocket to carry your iPhone.

It also comes with an adjustable wrist strap. You can carry it in different styles. In addition, it has golden like zip fasteners to safeguard your items and to give the wallet an elegant appearance.

Important Features

  • It is a cell phone wallet hence with your iPhone 8 plus or any other type of Smartphone, and it can serve you well.
  • It has no chemical smell hence won’t scare you away.
  • With many slots, you can put your ID, passport, Visa comfortable.
  • An adjustable strap making it easy to carry.
  • Has a warrant. If you don’t like the item you can return it back and be refunded your amount.
  • It is suitable for occasions like dating, shopping, and the rest.

Frequently  Asked Questions

Question 1): Can my wristlet wallet hold my iPhone with a hybrid case?

Answer: This can depend on the type of wallet that you are using. Some wallets such as the Befen can hold a Smartphone that is large as 6.5 inches. Typically, many wristlet wallets can hold your iPhone series 6 plus to 8 plus and Samsung note 5 to S9.

Question 2): How can I clean my wallet?

Answer: Always clean your wallet with a soft material. Do not scrub it with a brush. By scrubbing with a brush, you are reducing the lifespan of the leather.

Question 3): : How do I dry my wristlet wallet?

Answer: One thing you should never do is to dry your wallet in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will impact your leather, making it fade. Always dry your wallet in place with cool temperatures.

Question 4): : Can I get a red wristlet?

Answer: Usually, Smartphone wristlet wallets come with a vast variety of different colors. It is upon you to choose the color that suits well your taste and preference.

Note that the features of a wristlet wallet may vary from one wallet to another.

Final Verdict

Using the available market statistics and data, we have reviewed the best wristlet wallets currently for sale. These wallets have a special feature that gives a touching feeling to anyone who values high-quality products. With a good wristlet wallet, you can confidently walk to around like a queen since what you are carrying is of a higher level of excellence.

These wallets are designed to suit your financial ability. You should not worry about the price.We recommend you have a taste of these best iPhone wristlet wallets by purchasing one. You can take one from our list and comfortably gift your close friend or family.  

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