Best Discount Evening Bags- Guide and Reviews

Evening bags are an essential part of the wardrobe for the elegant, fashionable woman. They offer a timeless, stylish addition to your wardrobe. Clutch bags are highly versatile, suitable for weddings, lunches, brunches and evening outings whether for dates or partying with your friends. There are different shapes and designs of clutch bags out there, but many are either overpriced or cheap but low quality. What is a fashionable woman who does not want to break the bank to do? In this article we will look at 8 of the best discount evening bags. These are fit for any fashion-forward lady who does not want to take a small loan in order to be fashionable.

Things to Consider

If you are thinking of buying discount even bags, the following are some important considerations.


The size of your clutch bag matters. You want a bag that will fit all your essentials like a smartphone with a big screen, tissues, wet wipes, and makeup items like lipstick and a compact powder. A good clutch bag can fit these items without bulging and misshaping the bag. Inner compartments are also important so that you can keep smaller items like credit cards and IDs safe. Inner compartments that zip up are especially useful in keeping your contents safe.


The material of a good clutch bag does not wear out even with continued use. When in the market for a clutch bag look for sturdy, durable materials like satin, polyester and PU leather. PU leather material keeps your contents safe from sudden rain or snow. The material should also be easy to clean, especially since a clutch bag spends a lot of time in your hands. A simple wipe with a damp cloth should leave your clutch bag looking brand new.


Decorations are almost a must-have for any stylish clutch bag. These could be in the form of flower attachments, stitched embroidery or attached glass and crystal beads. Decorations give your clutch bag that extra oomph and are a great compliment for your outfit. You should be careful, however, since a poor-quality bag will have attachments that come off easily, even when simply handling. Before purchasing a clutch bag make sure of the quality of the decorations. Also check to see if replacements for the decorations are easily available through the seller in case yours is ruined.


A clutch bag should have more than one way of carrying it. You should look out for bags that allow at least 3-in-1 wearing. You should have a handle should you prefer to hold your bag in your hand. You should also be able to wear your bag across one shoulder should you so desire, or across the body.

It is important that your clutch bag has a detachable chain that you can attach to the bag when you want more than one way to carry it. O-ring chains are becoming increasingly popular since they do not snag on clothes or hair, a frustrating thing that often happens with these long chains.

Best Discount Evening Bags

1. Milisente Evening Bag for Women

Milisente Evening Bag for Women, Suede Envelope Evening Purses Crossbody Shoulder Clutch Bag (White)

This beautiful bag can be used for any type of outing, whether as an essential for an evening out or as an accessory to your wedding outfit. It features an array of beautiful simulated flowers and pearly beads set against a background that makes the arrangement really stand out. You get the choice of different colors so that you can pick a bag that truly compliments your outfit.

The bag is small enough to carry comfortably in your hand but is big to fit all your items. You can put your phone, concealer and lipstick, plus your keys and credit cards inside without the material bulging and misshaping the clutch bag. The locking mechanisms will keep all your items safe and secure as you move around.

The bag is made of high-quality PU leather, a strong and durable material. The material is easy to clean and will not wear out with continued use. The PU is also waterproof, keeping your items safe and dry even if you are caught in a sudden downpour. The decorative flower is stuck to the main body by high-quality glue and will not come off easily.

Important Features

  • Made of waterproof and easy to clean PU leather.
  • Decorative flower set that does not come off with continued use.
  • Big to fit day-to-day accessories.
  • Dependable locking mechanism to keep contents safe.

2. Expouch Women’s Pleated Satin Evening Handbag

Womens Pleated Satin Evening Handbag Clutch With Detachable Chain Strap Wedding Cocktail Party Bag Blue

This elegant clutch bag from Expouch is made of beautiful and durable satin fabric that is designed to safely encase your items. Your items are secured by a metallic clutch that is magnetically held together to remain shut at all times.

The main compartment is lined and can fit your phone, keys and makeup items. There is also a slip pocket where you can fit your credit and identity cards. The bag is fit for use as a clutch bag, but can also be carried over one shoulder or slung across the body by its detachable chain.

The bag comes in an array of pastel colors to it your outfit and use. It is a great fashion option for weddings, evening dinners and charity balls. It is fit for all ages and is a beautiful birthday gift for your girlfriend, wife, sister or daughter.

Important Features

  • Made of high-quality satin.
  • Material is easy to clean.
  • Two compartments to fit personal items.
  • Padded compartments to protect contents from impact.
  • Magnetic clasp to keep contents secure.

3. Aitbags Clutch Purse for Women

Aitbags Clutch Purse for Women Evening Party Tote with Shoulder Chain Strap Lady Handbag-Floral Print

This beautiful bag gives a chic feel to a casual outfit during the day and transforms into an elegant accessory to fit your evening gown. The clutch bag is made of high-quality faux leather that is weather-resistant and easy to clean.

This clutch purse comes in a variety of colors, from beige to black to multicolored, and this way you are sure to get a bag fit for any occasion and any outfit. The handle and detachable chain are gold in color, giving the bag a classy finish. The chain is long and can be used to sling the bag across the body or over one shoulder. The handle can be used to carry the bag as a handbag or in a clutch style.

The clutch purse has a main compartment that can fit a smaller purse plus some makeup items like a compact powder and lipstick. There is also a compartment that can be zipped up. This compartment can fit a 6-inch smartphone and keep it secure as you go about your day.

Important Features

  • Made of faux leather material that is easy to clean.
  • Gold handle and chain increase its attractiveness.
  • Long detachable chain for versatile wearing.
  • Zipped inner compartment to keep contents safe.
  • Steady clasp that keeps contents secure.

4. Yekajlin Crystal Sparkly Evening Clutch Bag

Yekajlin Clutches Bag for Women, Crystal Sparkly Evening Clutch Bag Rhinestone Glitter Clutch Purse (M)

This crystal evening bag from Yekajlin gives a bedazzled touch to your evening wear and is fit for a classy dinner date or an evening out with the girls. The black imitation silk fabric contrasts beautifully with the golden frame that runs on the edges of the bag. Thousands of crystals are attached to both faces of the bag in a jigsaw design to give it a red-carpet-worthy sparkle.

You can simply wipe the bag with a cloth in order to clean the beads. The crystal beads do not come off even with repeated use. A golden metallic clasp keeps your items secure as you go about your activities. You can carry the bag as a clutch purse, or use the long chain to sling it over your shoulder or across your body.

The bag is large enough to fit a wallet, a phone and makeup items. The crystal bag can handle up to 3kg of items without straining your hand or falling apart. This bag makes a great gift to your girlfriend, wife, sister or daughter as it can be carried by women of all ages.

Important Features

  • Made of imitation silk for easy cleaning.
  • High-quality crystals in a jigsaw arrangement.
  • Can handle up to 3kg weight of items.
  • Strong clasp keeps contents secure.
  • Detachable golden chain for versatility in carrying.

5. Erouge Beaded Sequin Clutch Bag

EROUGE Beaded Sequin Design Flower Evening Purse Large Clutch Bag (Black)

This clutch bag from Erouge has a distinct Great Gatsby look to it, bound to give you a timeless, fashionable look despite the occasion. It is made of high-quality polyester that is durable and does not wear out even with continuous use.

The face of the bag is decorated with thousands of glass beads that sparkle when they catch the light. The beads are arranged in a beautiful floral design that makes the bag stand out from just any other accessory. It comes in a wide range of colors, making it a good gift for your fashionable friends.

The bag has a big compartment that comfortably fit a phone, hand lotion container, wallet and makeup items. The contents are kept safe by a secure magnetic clasp that is easy to access. For versatile carrying, the bag is fitted with a detachable handle that goes around your wrist.

Important Features

  • Made of durable polyester.
  • Spacious to fit all your items without bulging.
  • Detachable wristlet that acts as an extra handle.
  • Glass beads that make the bag stand out.

6. Wallyn’s Women Patent Leather Clutch Bag

Women Patent Leather Wallets Clutch Purses,WALLYN'S Evening Bag Handbag Solid Color Red

This beautiful bag is a suitable accessory for any outfit you wear to any fancy event. It comes in a range of regal colors, from black to gold to lavender and royal blue to suit any woman’s taste. It is a great gift to your friends for birthdays or to your younger female friends for prom.

The bag’s material is PU leather, high-quality material that is waterproof and weather resistant. This way you do not have to worry about your items being destroyed if you are caught in a sudden downpour. A magnetic clasp keeps the two sides of the bag together to protect your valuables.

The bag has a main compartment that can fit all your essential items like a smartphone, a wallet, keys and sanitary products. There is also a pocket set against one of the interior walls where you can fit your credit and identity cards. The bag can be carried in 3 ways, with a detachable silver strap that can go over one shoulder or across the body.

Important Features

  • O-shaped detachable chain that does not pull clothes or hair.
  • Made of high-quality, weather resistant PU leather.
  • Two compartments to fit all your items.
  • Magnetic snap to keep contents safe and secure.

7. Charming Tailor Clutch Evening Bag

Charming Tailor Clutch Evening Bag Elegant Pleated Satin Formal Handbag Simple Classy Purse for Women (Navy)

Even at a glance this clutch bag looks like it was made with care and by a stylish eye. The bag is made of high-quality satin that is set in classy soft, sleek pleats. There are many color options, including a navy clutch bag and a blush clutch bag.

The bag has light-gold metallic bars framing the main body, giving an elegant look to it. The handle is also gold-coated for a classy feel. The bag comes with a detachable O-chain that does not snag on clothes or hair.

The contents of the bag are kept secure by two magnetic buttons that do not come apart easily. Inside the bag is a main compartment which can fit a phone, a wallet, keys and small makeup containers. There is also an inner pocket that can be zipped up where you can safely put your credit cards and identity documents. This way you can enjoy your day or night out without a fear for your valuables. This clutch bag will make a great accessory for a wedding and a beautiful gift for your classy friends.

Important Features

  • Made of high-quality, classy satin material.
  • Attractive golden framing.
  • Magnetic clasp that keeps contents secure.
  • Zippable inner compartment to keep cards secure.
  • Detachable O-chain that does not snag on clothes or hair.

8. Gesus Women’s Beaded Crystal Clutch Bag

GESU Womens Beaded Crystal Clutch Rhinestone Evening Bag Wedding Bridal Prom Purse,Gold, Large

This crystal evening bag is a regal must-have for your princess-style dress for prom and a timeless fashion statement for your evening gown. It is made of high-quality satin and is embellished in shiny teardrop crystals on the front.

The bag is spacious, allowing you to put makeup, sanitary products and your 6-inch phone inside comfortably. It does not weigh on the hand and you can go about your business comfortably. A cute magnetic clasp at the top keeps the two faces together to protect your valuables.

The bag has golden frames that add to the classy finish of this clutch bag. A detachable chain gives you more versatility in wearing, allowing you to throw the bag over one shoulder or sling it across your body. The material is easy to clean, a simple wipe will keep your bag looking new and give you a lot of use for a long time.

Important Features

  • Embedded crystals to give a shiny elegance.
  • Golden framing for a classy finish.
  • Magnetic clasp keeps contents safe.
  • Spacious to fit a smartphone and other essentials.
  • Detachable chain for versatility in wearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can clutch bags stand on their own without support?

Answer: Many clutch bags have a small base to match their small stature. As such they cannot stand on their own without any support. Furthermore, clutch bags with rounded bases cannot stand on their own. To prevent damage to your bag and your items, you should lay your clutch bag on the side on a flat surface, like a table, if you want to rest your hands.

Question: What is an O-ring chain?

Answer:An O-ring is a type of chain formation where the chain is made up of interlocking circular rings. These rings feed into the subsequent rings, meaning that there are no exposed joints. This way your cloth or hair does not get caught in the chains.

Question: I don’t go to many evening outings. Can I still get a clutch bag?

Answer:Definitely! Clutch bags are highly versatile these days, especially with the addition of detachable chains. They are suitable for afternoon outings, say to get lunch or to run casual errands. When you sling the bag over one shoulder or across your body you get a fun, casual look that you can rock any time of day.

Final Verdict

An evening clutch bag is not just another cute accessory to go with your evening gown. It is highly versatile, keeping a number of your valuables safe, giving you the peace of mind so that you can truly enjoy your evening. Clutch bags can easily transform into day wear, making them an essential must-have for your wardrobe.

The variety of shapes, colors and sizes will suit any outfit and tastes. You can also gift your female friends, daughters or sisters navy evening bags for their birthdays or just an appreciation gift. Your girlfriend or wife will love a clutch bag as an anniversary present. So what are you waiting for, pick one or two.

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