Best Designer Clutch Bags- Guide and Reviews

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There is no better way to start a new season done with the best designer clutch bags. If you are familiar with such a thing as the “fashion bible”, then you must be knowing that one of its greatest commandments is having a great clutch bag.

Just like any other bag, a clutch bag is a very important item in any woman's wardrobe. Clutch bags are perfect fit first Dates and even weddings. Of course, a designer clutch bag that may fit your personality, budget, and style and body type can be hard to find and that's what we are here for. In this article, we will break down for some of the best designer clutch bags.

Things to Consider

We suggest you first look at some of the things to consider before choosing any designer clutch bag. Here are a few of them.

Consider the brand

When buying any designer bag, think of the brand first. There are many brands available the market today and if you are planning on using your clutch bag every day, then go for a classical style. Some brands like Chanel make classic, timeless style clutch bags.

Go for neutral clutch bags

Neutral formal clutch bags that can match with everything are highly recommended. You may fall in love with all the designer clutch bags you find in a particular shop but hey all of them? If not think of at least 10 outfits you have that can match that pricey designer clutch bag before you invest in it.

Black and Blue clutch bags are worth having. You can also add a silver clutch bag these can also go well on most evening events.

We suggest you follow the following tips for specific wardrobes.

  • Black and tan wardrobes don't go with grey or mauve clutch bags.
  • A muted clutch bag won't do well with a pastel wardrobe.
  • A muted colored wardrobe doesn't go with bright colored clutch bags because then the bag will look like it's dirty. The same will be for a bright colored wardrobe with a muted colored clutch bag.
  • Versatile clutch bag colors such as pinky taupe, Tan, soft metallic, deep emerald green will go well with all wardrobe colors.
  • A dark wardrobe will go well with a black purse. A navy wardrobe will also go well with versatile colors.
  • In most cases, the best way to not look awkward with your attire and clutch bag is to match the color of your clutch bag with your shoes.

Think of your body type

Why? Just as you perfectly choose out your clothes, you should do the same with your clutch bags. A plus-size Queen Wouldn't look ok with a tiny clutch bag just as a petite woman wouldn't look ok with a large clutch bag.

A large and curvy body type would look amazing with an angular clutch bag. A petite body would look good with a round clutch bag.

Go for an ongoing Style

Opt for a clutch bag which won't date. A signature style is one that is recurring every season. Unless you have the money to spend on all seasonal clutch, we suggest you don't go for a particular seasonal clutch bag that everyone will know how old it is.

Best Clutch Bag Reviews

There are so many clutch bags on the market. Therefore, it can be hard to choose the right one. Some of the best designer clutch bags that we recommend are below.

1. Hobo vintage Vida clutch wristlet

Hobo Women's Vida Cobblestone One Size

You can count on this clutch bag to hold all your necessities like your keys, phone, cash, ID, lipstick and cards. This bag is made of leather and has got a zipper closure.

Hobo vintage vida clutch writlet also has a wristlet strap to secure it in place while shopping or on the move. The bag fits perfectly into a bigger purse. It is soft and well made with enough slots to hold all your Necessities.

This clutch bag is perfect for any casual everyday use. You can take it to a party as an accessory or take it as a purse while shopping.

Important features

  • Has six credits slots inside
  • Back zip pocket and two slip pockets
  • Wristlet strap
  • Soft leather exterior
  • Has a top zip closure
  • It is portable (small)

2. Fashionpuzzle large envelope clutch bag with chain strap

Large Envelope Clutch Bag with Chain Strap Black

This envelope clutch bag from fashion puzzle has all the requirements every clutch bag must-have. It is Slim, convenient and multi functional.

It comes with a chain strap and a removable wrist strap to give you three different ways of carrying. You can either carry it by the wrist, crossbody or over the shoulder.

This large envelope clutch bag has got one zippered compartment and a magnetic snap button to ensure that all your necessities are secured. It is large enough to fit all kinds of necessary stuff that you would want to go out with. All this can be organized neatly inside the bag.

You also don't have to worry about not getting your preferred color as they come in a variety of colors.

Best for:

You can take this clutch bag to prom, parties or any other Hangout.

Important features

  • Magnetic snap button
  • Two open pockets inside
  • One zipper pocket and 6 card slots
  • Detachable 47-inch chain-strap with 21-inch drop
  • Faux leather gold-tone hardware.

3. Ilishop women's classic crocodile pattern faux leather metal grip clutch

Ilishop Women's Classic Crocodile Pattern Faux Leather Metal Grip Clutch (Black)

This designer clutch bag comes with a cutout metal handle to give you the best grip on your clutch.

Has got a number of inside pockets that can help you keep all your accessories. These include a slip pocket, cell Phone Pocket center zipper compartments.

Has dimensions of 11.8 inches × 2.4 inches × 7.1 inches which gives you enough room to keep all your Necessities. You can opt to carry the clutch bag with its shoulder straps you can remove the shoulder straps and carry it by the wrist.

It is Made Of Leather construction and a polyester interior. This clutch bag is perfect for most evening events and parties.

Important features

  • It has got one interior zipper pocket
  • Comes with 3 pocket Style organizers
  • Has got a leather material exterior
  • Comes in six different colors to choose from
  • Top zipper closure

4. BMC women's alloy metal abstract stone cut hard case fashion clutch chain handbag

BMC Womens Gunmetal Gray Colored Alloy Metal Abstract Stone Cut Hardcase Fashion Clutch Shoulder Chain Handbag

This bag is a stunning addition to any look. It is designed like an abstract cut stone or gem. If you are looking to turn heads at a party, then this clutch bag is perfect for you.

It has the following dimensions 6.7-inch × 2.5-inch × 3.9 inch. It is very spacious and it can hold all your essentials like your phone, lipstick, keys and other items.

It has a versatile design to give you different ways to carry the clutch bag. You can remove the shoulder chain and carry by your wrist or you can carry it on your shoulder or crossbody. It is also made of a soft lining interior with a hard case exterior.

Its design and construction are perfect to keep it from stain and dirt. It can easily be wiped and kept clean. You can use this clutch bag for going to parties is it the perfect addition.

Important features

  • Top piece latches over Peg for secure lock
  • Removable shoulder chain
  • Compact and spacious interior
  • Spacious room to hold most essential items.
  • It has got an amazing abstract gem design

5. JNB natural straw flat clutch

Natural Straw Flat Clutch, Natural

This thin clutch bag comes with a 21-inch drop cross-body chain (gun metal). This is perfect for most body types. It features a magnetic snap closure to ensure that all items are secured safely inside the bag.

It is made of a black twill fabric lining interior and has the following dimensions 10.5 inch L× 5.5 inch. Therefore, it is perfect for holding most of your Necessities.

The bag is flat and perfect to carry around without any inconveniences. This bag is the perfect definition of a stylish summer straw clutch. You can use it for any summer events.

Important features

  • Comes with a magnetic snap closure
  • Zippered inside pocket
  • Black twill fabric lining
  • 21 Inch drop gun metal chain

6.  Buxton heiress organiser clutch

buxton heiress organizner clutch

Buxton heiress organiser is 100% leather it is study to last for a while.This Bag has got a textile lining on the inside which is soft on touch. The clutch bag also features 5 slip pockets, 1 zip, one coin purse on the other side of the flap, 6 id windows, four card slots and a removable checkbook holder.

It is 7.25 inch wide which is plenty of room to keep all essential items. The metal frame opens wide for easy access. This clutch bag events and taking to the office

Important features

  • 5 place window book
  • Inside zipper pocket
  • Bill compartment
  • 5 inch framed bag
  • Authentic crunch leather
  • Removable chequebook cover
  • 4 credit card slots
  • ID window

7. Hoxis classic crocodile pattern clutch bag

Hoxis Classic Crocodile Pattern Faux Patent Leather Cut It Out Clutch with Shoulder Strap Womens Handbag (Red)

This bag is made of leather exterior plus a polyester interior. It comes with a removable shoulder strap is it easy for you to carry with three options. The shoulder strap drop is about 24.5 inches.

This bag has got a stylish design with a perfect size. The measurements are 11.8 inches× 7.4 inches, 1.5 cm depth, 18 cm height, 30 cm width.

It has got two main pockets plus a middle zip pocket. This provides you with spacious room to hold your phone, keys, wallet and some makeup items. This bag can be used for formal events and other official events.

Important features

  • Lightweight removable chain strap
  • Leather exterior
  • Polyester interior
  • Cut-out metal handle
  • Interior slip pocket
  • Centre zipper compartments

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question 1: Can you fix a strap for a clutch bag?

Answer: It depends on the type of strap on your clutch bag. If the strap is detachable, then yes you can fix it. Still, if your clutch bag strap isn't removable then a new strap will have to be attached on the bag body.

Question 3: How do I care for my clutch bags?

Answer: Most clutch bags can't be washed in a washer, therefore you must be able to prevent dirt and stains from getting onto you clutch as much as possible.

You can always opt for darker colored clutch bags if you are going to an event with lots of food. If you're going to places like the movies, make sure to keep your bag on a chair instead of placing it on the floor.

Question 3: What kind of Clutch bags do I need for my wardrobe?

Answer: Like we mentioned before opting for clutch bags that can suit your personality, what you wear, and the places you always got to.

Formal clutch bags a person who attends parties, social events and other similar events. Bridal clutch bags are mostly for weddings.

Question 4: Does my clutch bag need to match my other accessories?

Answer: If you are into matching your shoes and designer clutches then you can definitely go for matching clutches. You can carry your clutch bag with some pretty pumps if you aren’t into matching your accessories.


Find that elegant finish to your look with any of our designer clutch bags. You can go on and explore all recommended brands and be sure to find the answer to your desired look. Your wardrobe speaks louder when it comes to choosing the colour of your desired clutch bag.

Remember it isn't wrong to own many clutch bags as they will give you a different look that will make you stand out of any crowd. Whether you are looking for formal clutch bags or bridal clutch bags your dream clutch bag is only a step away. We hope our article will help you determine what you need and which clutch bag design is best to suit you.

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